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Aug. 24th, 2015 06:11 pm
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Aug. 30th, 2015 12:34 pm
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hello, everyone! just a heads up---

in addition to tagging each post according user and type of entry, i will also be organizing and archiving our posts using the "memorable entry" feature on dreamwidth. you can always search for a type of entry according to the tags, which are listed both on the righthand sidebar and on our community's profile page, but now by visiting the communities "memories," you can also search at-a-glance according to type, user, entry subject, and date all at once.

to view, simply click on "memories" on the righthand sidebar, or on the "memories" link by the user icon on our community profile. :)

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Title: #o1. echo
Author: TehHaru
Theme: #o1. echo
Genre: Angst
Rating: G?
Warnings: None. (let me know if you disagree, please)
Word Count: 773 words.
Summary: Hogwarts AU. Jack holds his feelings about his sister's accident close to his chest.

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Aug. 29th, 2015 10:41 pm
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snowdays and snowmen
- a closer look at Jelsa and their powers -

So the first thing people latch onto when they see Jelsa is "oh, pft, they have the same powers." This can lead to several lines of thinking, from the anti "that's such a shallow reason to ship them" to "they're the only ones who can be together intimately because they're immune to each other" and "Jack can help her understand her powers", which, to be honest, is my favorite line of thinking.

But just how similar are their powers and can Jack really help Elsa with them? How far can their powers influence each other? I'm listing down facts and putting in some opinions as well, so join me and let's share ideas on this.

[I am not a native English speaker so forgive me if I make any grammatical errors on this (that or I am running on five hours of sleep.)]

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hello, all! :)

this is the most active we have seen the jelsa fandom in ages! so much new creative content, discussion, and networking. I AM SO PLEASED to see so much new fanfiction and to hear that some new jelsa edits/graphics are on the way. :) :)

now that we are starting to post longer fanfiction pieces (i.e. one-shots, ficlets, and multi-chaptered stories), we should establish some appropriate guidelines for posting new entries with fanfiction or fanart content to the community. (i meant to post this earlier, but haven't had the time! thank you for your patience!!)

please see under the cut for guidelines regarding the posting of fanction via a new entry.
(note: smaller drabbles for the weekly drabble challenge, for now, will still be posted to the original challenge post!)

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title: silence (silence)
author: zefluffletruffle
theme: echo
genre: angst/romance
rating: t
warning: mentions of death (if you see any others, please tell me)

word count: 1069
summary: an au in which anna and arendelle never thawed, and jack was always a guardian
note: was supposed to be a drabble for the weekly drabble prompt, but then i got carried away

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2. a close parallel or repetition of an idea, feeling, style, or event.

hi im jes

Aug. 26th, 2015 07:17 pm
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name: Jes or Haru
age: 26 in a month <3
favorite aspect of jelsa:
I won't lie, I only used to think the fanart was pretty. I was totally on the "you ship them because they both have ice powers" boat for so long! But! I really liked At the Center when it first started, so it made me give Jelsa as a whole a second chance, and now it's a thing in my heart. I like that they feel like complimentary halves to one another as opposed to opposites-attract.

what i'm hoping to find from this community:
New works, easier to navigate/locate, people I feel I can actually talk to without feeling like I have to reblog someone's things and only talk to them through their tags because that's a thing, on Tumblr? I think? I got yelled at for adding stuff to someone's post and not just shoving it in tags, and it made me really timid of using Tumblr for anything community-related.

what i'm hoping to contribute to this community:
I'm hoping to get back into writing. It's been a long time, and I'm more than a little rusty, but I plan on doing the drabble challenges :)

other things you'd like for people to know!:
I have a very "flat" conversational style, and I apparently sound really mean all the time, and I swear I'm not D:
If you think I'm being mean, please just ask? I'm sorry ahead of time, I know I'm going to mess it up somewhere Dx

i tried to add a user: tehharu tag and it told me no

updates ;

Aug. 26th, 2015 03:06 pm
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hello, all!

i hope everyone is settling in! :) lots of new members for this burgeoning little community, and tons of intro posts and comments! ♥v♥ it melts my damn heart. here are just a few quick updates!

as you can see, i've gone through and started TAGGING EACH POST according to the TYPE and the USER. it's pretty simple for now, but i imagine things will grow more complicated as our community activities expand. if you feel comfortable tagging your posts with the appropriate tags, please feel free to do so! (these tags will grow and accumulate as we do.) if you don't, don't worry---i got you covered. :)

it looks like all of us are at various levels of experience/comfort with HTML, CSS, and DREAMWIDTH FEATURES. i will be supplying HTML TIPS and (copy/paste) FORMATTING GUIDELINES for us all to use when posting various fanart, fanfiction, metas, and so forth! like---what the hell is a cut and why (when???) should you use one? have no fear. ;)

it's time for some challenges! to get us started, i will be posting the first prompt for what i hope will become a WEEKLY DRABBLE CHALLENGE. this will be an informal, friendly opportunity for all of us to challenge ourselves--we will write to a SET PROMPT and WORD COUNT LIMIT, then offer each other feedback, encouragement, and lots of love. ♥ i don't think there will be any real deadlines, but if you want the most effective, constructive, timely feedback, the fulfillment of the prompt should be relatively... prompt. :)


Aug. 26th, 2015 09:12 am
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name: Heather 

age: 36 (yep; I anticipate being the oldest one here)

favorite aspect of jelsa: I'm enthralled by how they've both had to experience years of true isolation - the kind that plays with your mind, your heart, your self-worth, and leaves you feeling alone, hollow, invisible, even when you're in the company of those you love - yet they react to it so differently.

Elsa wraps it around her like armor and wields it like a shield, simultaneously protecting others from herself and herself from others, folding farther and farther in on herself with each passing day. She tries to be invisible.

Jack, on the other hand, does everything he can to leave a mark on the world, his pranks announcing, " I'm here, acknowledge me", like a big middle finger to Fate for giving him his particular lot in the afterlife. He rails against his invisibility.

And I don't know... something about that, that juxtaposition of circumstantial commonality and reactionary difference, just gets to me.

what i'm hoping to find from this community:  A sense of, well, community. While I've been intrigued with the idea of jelsa ever since I watched Frozen - I left the theater unsure if anyone else would think to put these two dorks together (but I hoped) - I never really joined the fandom, other than to read at the center (because when Kris writes, I read; that's how it works).

what i'm hoping to contribute to this community:  discussion, friendship, maybe some fanfiction (but only in small doses; i'm retired atm)

Recs: I don't actually have any recs, since I haven't delved into anything other than Kris's stories (and the art/fanvids she reblogs on tumblr), so if anyone has anything they'd like to rec to me, please do so!!!

other things you'd like for people to know!: umm... I love to talk, I guess? Like seriously, engage me at your own peril. (I have three kids, plus I do a lot of babysitting/teaching extra-curricular activities, so I don't get a lot of simulating conversation IRL) 
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name: Kris 2.0 (or just Xris to avoid confusion ANY IS FINE)
age: 25 sob
favorite aspect of jelsa:


So once upon a time when ROTG first came out, I was one of those who watched it for tumblr's Jack Frost hype (even if there was zero marketing) and came out of the theaters loving it, flaws and all. I am a shipper though and I like seeing my favorite characters in fictional, awkward and cute romantic relationships because who doesn't? but Rainbow Snowcone, as... cute as it was, did not not resonate with me due to it's one-sided, awkward and forced execution. I liked Jack as a character but did not ship him with anyone.

Fast forward a year, the ROTBTD (HOOBOY) fandom was in full swing. Despite its booming rise as a crossover fandom, I did not get into it due to the fact that its "main" ships seem to clash with what I shipped (I'm a Eugenzel/Hiccstrid shipper) and I almost got into Jarida-- ALMOST but then--

-- 2013 came and Frozen came in, guns blazing. I saw it, I came out loving it, but like others, after the inevitable theater-screaming inducing spoiler, it sank my ship for Elsa. (Guess with who.) And I found myself looking for other options to have this Queen a potentially healthy, sweet and mutually beneficial relationship with someone.

And then one day, while browsing my tumblr dash, the legendary piece of fanart from watermelonwings graced my dash and then it clicked.

The rest was history.

I'm only rehashing what others have already said, but I love every aspect of this ship.

- I love that they have similar (similar being the keyterm, I will start a discussion on powers this weekend SO LOOK OUT FOR THAT) powers and they might potentially find a connection through that
- I love that although they both experienced isolation, both of them have adapted to it differently and shaped who they are
- and yet so similar in regards to the love they have for the people around them (their sisters) and the lengths they would go to keep people safe-- may it be from other people or themselves
- I love that their personalities clash I am all for this in ships. I love relationships where there's a little bit of chaos where each one can learn from the other, and to generalize it for the sake of space, basically Jack can teach Elsa to come out of her shell, and Elsa can teach Jack about responsibility
- I also love the inherent tragedy that one of them could potentially die in each incarnation, may it be human!elsa aging or for human!jack dying via drowning (i'm awful, i know) but that's just me :)
- I LOVE THE FANDOM. LIKE. Way back in 2013 during Frozember craze our tumblr tag was BLOWING UP with new fanart every day, and even up to now, I keep seeing new edits/fanart/fics around it just never stops. LIKE COME ON FROZEN CAME OUT TWO YEARS AGO BUT A FAMOUS YOUTUBER JUST MADE A JELSA COSPLAY ORIGINAL SONG MUSIC VIDEO???? Non-english speaking fandom is still at it too (I just got my Jelsa anthology fanbook I AM HYPED TO OPEN IT SO I AM RUSHING IN TYPING THIS) and WE ARE BUILDING A DW JELSA COMMUNITY. ALL OF THIS. 2 - 3 YEARS AFTER THE SAIL SHIPPED. Not being smug or anything but I'm pretty sure even the other crossover ships aren't this resilient :)

what i'm hoping to find from this community:

You can never have too many Jelsa fans congregating :) tumblr is nice but it can get a little toxic at times looking for things for this ship (never go on the tag in the app, it'll make your head ache) so I'm just looking to surround myself with positive Jelsa/animation fans

what i'm hoping to contribute to this community:

all I'm good for is edits BUT I really REALLY dig pitching AU's and starting discussions and getting into the meta nitpicky of things. as I mentioned I'm starting a discussion on Jelsa and their powers this weekend (IT'S A PRETTY LONG POST BRACE YOURSELVES) but I might start other discussions/meta in regards to jelsa, rotbtd, shipping, stuff like that.

any recommendations for any of the following:

since I'm from Asia, I tend to linger on the non english speaking side of Jelsa. I have a few Jelsa fanbooks so if you have the money to shell out for shipping, I recommend the following:

ICE DANCE a Jelsa Anthology; No English translation but this thing is thick and full of otp and so many wonderful artists contributed to it!
Let It Snow by mindcreator; this one comes in English, and is a cute story of Jack trying hard to make friends with Elsa.
_shushushun's Jelsa fanbooks; you might know her on tumblr as [tumblr.com profile] snow-and-frost but you can also find her on twitter at [twitter.com profile] _shushushun. She just got done with a batch of orders but you can wait around to see if she'll open sales again. Apart from that, you can just creep around her media posts and see all her Jelsa fanart, since she doesn't post all of it on tumblr :)

other things you'd like for people to know!:

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name: Rose

age: 21

favorite aspect of jelsa: THE PAIN.
lol no
but seriously
the pain

As an artist, what initially intrigued about Jelsa was the art. Gosh, has the art been gorgeous from day one. So yknow, that's one aspect about this pairing that I love.
And, as with anyone with gorgeous fanart, I checked out any fanfic available to slate my thirst for this new pairing I'd never heard of but dang it's pretty so why not?
And from there I found Like Burning and wowowowowowowow
So I kept checking up on the tag to see if anything as good as that came up.
Soon after, there was Winter Ghost and that, that fucking wonderful amaaaaaazing fic is what made me really see how deep this ship could go.
My eyes were opened
These two kindred idiot adorable souls would understand each other way better than anyone else. The isolation, the sacrifice, the danger of their powers (Frozen is more explicit, but even passively, Jack knoCKED ONE OF JAMIE's TEETH OUT JACK  BRUH WTF), I mean, really these two guys...are just so similar.
And even their differences can be construed as complements. Jack's reckless, Elsa's careful, Jack's 300+ and childish, Elsa's 21 and mature. But like I said, they're still fundamentally similar. They both love Fun--Jack needs no explanation, but Elsa, every time Elsa feels in control, she's playful, she's fun--and they both have lots and lots of love.
And is it so bad that I just want these two beautiful dorky bbys to find looooove?
And who better, than with someone who would undeniably understand them?

And just as a side note, one of the main reasons I still ship Jelsa, the biggest reason for my continued love of this pairing, is that this little fandom doesn't really...stop. I mean, the movies came out 2/3 years ago, and 2/3 later WE HAVE A NEWLY MADE SNOWTP GROUP COME ON.
That's best thing about this pairing, YOU WON't STOP CAN't STOP JELSA aw yeeeeeh

what i'm hoping to find from this community: pain
No, not really. But I am hoping for essays/really long analysis of this stupid wonderful pairing/the individual characters. Hopefully some fanfic and fanart too...
...maybe some horrible, horrible, wonderful headcanons that'll keep me up at night...

what i'm hoping to contribute to this community: Essays painful essays
Well-thought analysis about these two jerks.
Definitely some fanart.
Maybe this might even kick me back into writing, who knows?
I don't.
We'll see...some fanart hopefully. :P

any recommendations for any of the following:
It's all fanfic now, bby, now that I've remembered my formative Jelsa works. *nods sagely*

Like Burning, disarmed

This is the fic that got me into Jelsa. It's gr9, 100000/10 would recommend.

The Winter Ghost, Renaerys

And THIS is the sonvuabitch fanfic that made me SHIP Jelsa.
It's awful.
Don't read it.
You'll cry.
Read it.
Cry with me.

at the center, Satan therentyoupay

and then there's THIS fanfic
*insane, unstable laughter*
that has sustained my continued love of Jelsa
almost two years after Frozen came out
through the power of well-written, well-paced, hyper realistic interactions between these two bastards that slowly builds into a genuine...ly DOOMEd relationship whyyyyyyyyyy demon blood

other things you'd like for people to know!:


That there is an old 1979 Rankin/Bass
(the guys who did Rudolph) Christmas special about Jack Frost?
Where he is invisible to humans?
And falls in love
with a girl


who looks just like Elsa but with a fabulous Farrah Fawcett hair

And Jack decided to turn human
and his human color scheme is

motherfucker wears a BLUE CLOAK


and then
fucking Elisa
FALLS IN LOVE AND MARRIES SOMEONE WHO ISN'T JACK FROST (like what might happen in Frozen 2) and fuck me the HEARTWRENCH


bc poor bby Jack
goes back to being a winter sprite
knwo what he does?
dusts Elisa's bouquet on her wedding day
"And old friend just kissed the bride."


*stop motion SOBBING*

I'm not saying Rankin-Bass are time traveling Jelsa shippers who went back in time to warn everyone
they probably were psychic
what a horrifyingly...intense coincidence...dontcha guys think???

and I'm most definitely gonna draw some x-over fanart
and I am definitely NOT crying...

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name: Gidge
age: 27
fave aspects of jellsa:

As I mentioned to Kris, I like fascinating combination of similarities and differences. Shared isolation, but with some different aspects. Parallels but not repetition. Both burdened by their powers in a way, but Elsa afraid of the enormity of her power, while Jack more frustrated by the limitations of going unseen. Both friendly and sweet, but Elsa’s formality can make Jack feel respected while his levity can put her at ease. Elsa can offer validation, but Jack can make the first move in a purely social situation. And they are both terribly attractive, giving way to some really pretty fanart and edits.

what i hope to find: More explorations of their potential in the form of fic, art, headcanons, and general discussion. Also, I’m looking for some motivation to make some stuff pertaining to them myself.

what i hope to contribute: Well, I write and I draw and I play with photoshop. I hope to contribute on a few different levels, given time. And reviews. I’ve promised myself I will review more of the things I read.

what i’d like to recommend: art by Lehanan

other stuff: Hmm. Other fandoms, I guess? I’m most heavily involved in The Infernal Devices series by Cassandra Clare. I’ve been invested in DC comics for ages, especially the Robins in the Batclan. I play otome games. I’ve never managed to shake my love for Star Wars and Disney. I’m a sucker for Pacific Rim crossovers. I also watch shows like Once Upon a Time, Teen Wolf, and some anime.
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age: 25 
favorite aspect of jelsa:
i feel like a lot of this has already been answered through my fanfiction, but if i had to pinpoint it down to just a few elements, i think the top of the list would include their experiences with isolation and invisibility. both of them went through such different challenges but really faced similar, deeply painful emotions. (and then learned from their experiences, though i think the movies only really barely touched the surface of their personal aftermaths.) 

i also love the trope of jack frost being in a position and of a certain personality to help bring out (i repeat: EVOKE, not create) elsa's mischievous side. i like to think that elsa already had a bit of a streak in her before the accident, but years of repression still make it difficult for elsa to always show her true self in her post-frozen/thawed life.

one of my favorite concepts for a canonical, crossover, post-movies setting for jelsa (which i think is one of the few remaining settings that i have not yet explored in fic???) is the combination of elsa genuinely being a playful person who still struggles to open up about her feelings (despite her best efforts to, even within her diplomatic role as queen) and jack trying to find the right balance of how to interact with elsa--especially since he didn't have to worry very much about interacting with anyone for, oh. three hundred years or so.
what i'm hoping to find from this community: make new friends! find new fanfiction-writing buddies! TALK ABOUT FROST KIDS AND COFFEE AND SNOW AND OTHER INCREDIBLE THINGS. tumblr can be so helpful for plenty of things, but i'm really hoping to find a more personal/interpersonal experience here on dreamwidth. :)
what i'm hoping to contribute to this community: a shit-ton of fanfiction, occasional challenges, jelsa weekends, ficathons, and more!
any recommendations for any of the following: i love both of artoriious' jelsa fanmixes on 8tracks.
other things you'd like for people to know!: I JUST REALLY LOVE JELSA A LOT OKAY ;A;


basically; this community is a means of bringing the jelsa fandom together, a place where we can have our own little space to post whatever we like, a place where we can meet new people & all become friends through our beloved ship (✿◠‿◠) you can really post anything in this community: text posts, selfies, cosplay, updates; etc. jelsa headcanons, au ideas, edits, graphics, manips, gifs, fanart, your writing, fanfic recommendations, seriously anything.
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